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Helping you make real, healthy, whole-grain cooking common (and easy)

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I’m Jackie and I’m letting myself fall in love with my favorite foods again, re-learning the power of whole grains, and helping others—just like you—do the same.

Sourcing and storing grains

The origin of your grain berries or ground flours and the way you store them is important. (Trust me, I lost entire buckets due to pantry moths!) I’ll help you find reliable sources and implement effective storage practices.

Tools and supplies

In the world of whole grains, having the right tools can make all the difference. From indispensable essentials to delightful additions, and even those that fall short, I’m here to guide you to the right tools and supplies.

Milling grains at home

In the past, grain mills were a common sight in communities across America. While they are less prevalent today, home milling has never been more accessible and I can help you get started.

Health benefits

Transitioning to real food, whole grains offers more than flavor—it also impacts our well-being. Dive into whole grain nutrition and discover how embracing these natural wonders can revolutionize our health and well-being.