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How to mill Hulled Barley for flour

Barley has been a staple in human’s diets for thousands of years. Known for its hearty flavor and versatile use, Barley is making a comeback, especially among enthusiasts eager to embrace homemade flours and whole grains (that’s me!). Milling Hulled Barley into flour at home opens up a world of culinary possibilities while offering a […]

Glossary of flour types

Milling flour at home starts with figuring out a way to do it, followed by figuring out what you want to mill. Do you want to grind one type of wheat to make flour, such as milling Einkorn flour? Do you want to grind multiple types in order to make a whole wheat all-purpose flour, […]

A Dutch-style whisk review: Top choice for baking?

If you are making whole grain bread, you need a way to mix it WITHOUT over-mixing it, which can make your breads dense and tough. I walk you through my nine-year experience with the Dutch-style dough whisk and why I recommend it.

Bread-making: Do you need a bowl scraper?

As a home baker, I’ve tried my hand at making various types of bread, and one question that often pops up is whether or not a bowl scraper is necessary. A bowl scraper can be a valuable tool, especially when working with stickier doughs like Einkorn, but is it an essential part of bread-making? Einkorn […]

Spelt: A high-protein alternative to common wheat

If you want to get away from white flours, Spelt is a great place to start. It’s an ancient grain, is high-protein, and also full of dietary fiber, several B vitamins, and numerous dietary minerals. See if it’s right for you.

Whole wheat basics: Classification and varieties

Baking with whole wheat flour is confusing because, well, there are a lot of varieties! If you’re trying to decide what variety is best for you and your family, this quick overview can help.