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How to store whole grains

When stored intact, whole grains (the entire wheat berry or psudeograin) can last indefinitely. I share my tips on how to keep your grains free of moisture, pests, and heat

Whole grain baking tips: Getting the best flavor and texture

I have failed a lot with whole grain baking because I was swapping all-purpose flour for whole grain, not really paying attention to how whole grains are different. I’ve kept an ongoing list of my tips and tricks and have them in one place to make the transition easier for you.

What is all-purpose flour (also called “white flour”)?

You probably grew up using all-purpose flour for well, just about everything. Knowing what it is and how it differs from whole grain flour, self-rising flour, and other grain substitutes can empower you to know when and how to use all-purpose flour.

Switching to whole grain: A family-friendly guide

As a mom of two (with one having sensory problems), I know it can be tough to sudden make a favorite food look, taste, and feel different. But you don’t have to make the switch overnight! Here are some tips that worked for our family—I hope they help yours!