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11 Delicious whole grain crackers recipes you will love

11 Delicious Whole Grain Crackers Recipes You Will Love

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If you aren’t already aware, whole grains are one of the best grains the Earth has to offer.

Packed full of wonderful fiber, minerals, and antioxidants, a healthy intake of whole grains can only add to your health!

However, as you wander around the store you may notice that there aren’t many whole grain cracker options. Your cheese board will never be complete! 

Below are 11 delicious whole grain cracker recipes that you will love. Perfect for cheese boards, snacking, and lunches. Check them out now!

Benefits of Whole Grain 

Before we get into all of the delicious cracker recipes below, you’re going to want to know what the benefits of whole grain crackers are.

Especially if you are trying to switch your kids from refined grain to whole grain!

1. Nutrients and Fiber

Whole grains are naturally high in fibers, vitamin B, protein, and minerals. All of which keep our bodies functioning and protected from illnesses. 

2. Decrease The Risk of Heart Disease

Studies have shown that switching from refined grains to whole grains can significantly decrease the risk of heart disease. 

Whole grain cereals such as bran are especially important. They are easier for the body to break down and digest meaning your heart can focus on what’s important, keeping you alive. 

3. Weight Loss

Consuming foods high in fiber will help you feel fuller longer and reduce overeating.

Research indicates that whole grains and items produced from them may reduce your risk of obesity since they are more satisfying than processed grains.

4. Regulate Blood Sugar 

One of the key advantages of whole grains is that, when compared to refined grains, they help prevent blood sugar spikes, which can, among other things, lower your risk of type 2 diabetes.

1. Whole Wheat Sesame Crackers

Crackers are the perfect crunchy, savory snack. And these Whole Wheat Sesame Crackers just changed the game. 

With sesame seeds baked into the crackers themselves they go perfectly with any dip, tahini, hummus, onion and chive. We promise it will be a hit!

Serve as a small snack at parties or keep in your purse as a quick snack on the go. These Whole Wheat Sesame Crackers are the perfect snack to keep you focused on your goals. 

2. Hazelnut & Cherry Whole Grain Crackers

Looking for a snack to bring to the holiday party? These Hazelnut and Cherry Whole Grain Crackers are perfect!

Baked in loaf tins these small parcels of deliciousness are full of sweet cherries and bites of toasted hazelnuts.

The perfect sweet treat for enjoying a cup of coffee or to keep everyone satiated at dinner until the main meal arrives. 

You can also pop them in the kids lunch bunches for the perfect snack throughout the school day. Store bought crackers will be a thing of the past!

3. Whole Wheat Olive Oil Crackers

Getting your crackers to come out crunchy without being overly dry can be a bit of a challenge. This simple Whole Wheat Olive Oil Cracker recipe makes it that little bit easier. 

Taking less than 25 minutes to cool, this low calorie snack is one of the best ways to work on your health goals while entertaining guests.

With a healthy measure of olive oil and fresh herbs, these crackers are perfect in every bite. 

Finish with a sprinkle of Malden salt or sea salt flakes for a delicious savory snack to enjoy throughout the day. 

4. Rosemary Whole Grain Seed Crackers

To make the most delectable, nutritious crackers conceivable, harness the power of whole grains, nuts, and herbs.

You may prepare an aromatic cracker dough in a matter of minutes, pour it into a baking dish, bake it, and then break the crackers into various shapes.

These homemade, vegan, nutritious crackers go great with soups and salads as well as on creative snack boards. 

They are also excellent for on-the-go snacking because of the nutrients. These expertly made crackers are loaded with healthy plant-based ingredients, thanks to the grains, seeds, and spices.

Add some crunch to your get togethers with these scrumptious Rosemary Whole Grain Seed Crackers. 

5. Whole Grain 4 Seed Crackers

Seeds are an excellent source of natural fiber and these crackers are full of them!

Sesame seeds, pumpkin seeds, sunflower seeds and ground flax seeds all brought together to bring you a nutrient rich snack. 

Finished with a sweet honey glaze and sprinkle of salt for something savory, you have a delicious snack to enjoy with a range of dishes. 

Store in an airtight container in your pantry for up to 2 weeks! You will have a quick, healthy snack that everyone can enjoy. 

6. Seeded Multigrain Crackers

This recipe brings together everything you need in a snack. Health and taste!

While this recipe does have half a cup of all-purpose flour you can easily swap that for buckwheat or rye to keep it free of refined grains. 

We love the dash of cayenne pepper for something a little different to really make these crackers pop!

Serve with a homemade artichoke dip for something truly wonderful. The perfect afternoon snack if you ask us. 

You can also get creative and cut your crackers into a range of different shapes. Making it all the more enticing for those fussy little ones!

7. Seeded Spelt Crackers

These handmade crackers are packed with the health benefits of chia, pumpkin seeds, and wholegrain spelt.

They are great for dipping and snacking because they are simple to create and very crunchy.

Although the nutritional profiles of wholegrain spelt and wholewheat flour are nearly identical, using spelt flour in recipes results in baked goods with nuttier and sweeter flavors.

You get an incredibly healthy snack from this dish, which also includes extra fibers and plant-based proteins from chia, sesame, and pumpkin seeds.

8. Easy Whole Grain Crackers

While you can easily be more creative when making your crackers at home, sometimes simple is best. 

This Easy Whole Grain Cracker recipe takes less than an hour to make and only involves 1 bowl. Minimal time, effort and clean up! 

Using no oil these crackers are basically oil free, perfect if you are looking for a healthier snack. 

Add whatever seasonings and spices you like to make your very own, unique crackers to enjoy throughout the day! 

9. Multiseed Homemade Healthy Crackers

These delightful handmade crackers are nutritious because of the four different types of seeds they include. 

This dish is grain-free, paleo, and vegan because it contains no flour or nuts. No longer will you have to panic down the isles at the store as the cracker shelves are empty. 

Make these vegan, multi-seed crackers every few weeks so you always have a snack on hand. 

With a stunning blend of seeds and spices these crackers are fully customizable. Although, we highly recommend using nutritional yeast for a nice cheesy flavor. 

10. Whole Wheat Sourdough Crackers

Have you perfected your sourdough bread and want to try something new? Well, if you have a sourdough starter waiting to be used, try your hand at these Whole Wheat Sourdough Crackers!

Once you perfect that sourdough starter and it is fed to perfection, you are on your way to creating delicious, bite sized crackers to serve your guests. 

This recipe is going to take quite a bit of effort but if you love baking and enjoy making your own snacks then this is definitely the recipe for you. 

11. Gluten Free Whole Grain Crackers 

Even today finding delicious gluten free snacks can be a challenge. Keep life simple by making these tasty Gluten Free Whole Grain Crackers at home. 

Pair with your favorite dips, cheeses, soups, or salads for the perfect carb to any meal. The addition of butter makes these crackers smooth and mouth watering. You won’t be able to put them down!

These are especially great when slightly warm, a layer of butter and dipped into a creamy tomato soup. Yum!

Frequently Asked Questions 

Are Whole Grain Crackers Healthy?

Yes. All three components of the grain, including the fibrous bran, are included in multigrain crackers prepared from whole grains.

Consuming a diet high in fiber lowers your risk of type 2 diabetes and cardiovascular disease. Fiber treats constipation by softening your stool to make it easier to pass.

Can Whole Grain Crackers Be Eaten Before Bed?

Having a whole grain snack an hour or two before bed can aid in the release of serotonin and melatonin. Hormones which promote healthy sleep. 

Final Thoughts 

While they may not taste as delicious as their refined counterparts, whole grain crackers can be a healthy snack for everyone to enjoy. 

With a range of benefits from improved sleep to aiding in weight loss, making the switch from refined grain to whole grain has never been easier. 

Above are 11 delicious whole grain cracker recipes for you to try and love. Serve with dips, cheeses, or soups for a truly glorious, crunchy snack. 

They are sure to be the star of the show at your next get together. Just don’t forget that sprinkle of sea salt for an added punch!