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10 Delicious sprouted grain bread recipes you will love

10 Delicious Sprouted Grain Bread Recipes You Will Love

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There’s something super satisfying about making a homemade loaf of bread. Whether it be the fact we’ve made it ourselves or that warm feeling we get when we take our first bite of a piping hot fresh loaf, it’s something we can all enjoy.

If you love making bread, you’ll probably already know just how many different types of bread we can make using different types of grain. Today, we want to show you the types of bread you can make using sprouted grain.

If you’re looking for a new bread recipe, you’ve come to the right place.

Sprouted grains are simply whole-grain seeds that have started to sprout. They can be used to make a wide range of delicious types of bread. In this post, we’ve listed 10 of the best.

We’ll now take you through each one, showing you what they have to offer. Let’s get stuck in, shall we?

1. Sprouted Wheat Bread

We’ll start our list with a simple recipe that will teach you how to make a tasty sprouted wheat loaf quickly and easily. 

Using sprouted grains to make this loaf ensures that the bread is tender, sweet, and slightly nutty. Ready to eat in less than two hours, this bread is perfect for a family dinner or brunch.

It tastes great when dipped in soup and can be used to make the most amazing sandwiches.

To make this bread, you only need 7 ingredients. Those ingredients are water, honey, wheat flour, dried yeast, sprouted wheat flour, oat bran, salt, and olive oil. 

We love how honey is used in this recipe. Honey gives the bread a divine sweetness that perfectly balances the earthy, nutty flavor of the grains. 

2. Sprouted Gluten-Free Sandwich Bread

If you have a gluten intolerance, you should make this sprouted grain bread from Traditional Cooking School. It is completely gluten-free and very easy to make.

Some of you will also be pleased to hear that this loaf of bread is also dairy free as it contains no eggs or milk.

This bread recipe helps you make yummy sandwich bread that can be used for almost anything. We can make sandwiches using it, whip up a tasty grilled cheese, use it to dip in our soup, or even eat it on its own. Yes, it really is that good.

This bread recipe does call for more ingredients and takes over 2 hours to make, but the wait and effort are well worth it. This loaf looks awesome and tastes even better.

Your guests will find it hard to believe you’re the one that made it. 

3. Sprouted Grain Flatbread

Next up, we have a simple, yet delicious sprouted grain flatbread recipe for you. This is a fantastic bread to make if you’re looking for tasty bread to serve with a homemade curry. It also goes brilliantly with pasta dishes.

Arguably the easiest sprouted grain bread on this list, you can make a batch of these flatbreads in just 25 minutes using 4 ingredients. Those ingredients are sprouted wheat flour, salt, olive oil, and water.

The best thing about this crispy and soft bread is that it soaks up sauces and curries amazingly. It’s also super versatile. We can coat the flatbread with any herbs and spices we like to make a much more flavorful bread.

We like to make garlic flatbreads using this recipe.

4. Sprouted Wheat Pretzels

If you love pretzels, why don’t you try making your own by following this pretzel recipe from Wonderfully Made And Dearly Loved.

A lot of people fail to realize that pretzels are a type of bread but they are because they contain yeast. Pretzels are an entertaining type of bread that can be made both savory and sweet. 

This particular recipe shows you how to make a batch of pretzels that offers both. Having said that, they are definitely more savory than sweet. This recipe follows a more classic approach, showing you how to make a classic American pretzel.

They do take some skill to shape, but you’ll pick it up quickly enough with practice. To make these pretzels, you need water, almond milk, palm shortening, applesauce, salt, wheat gluten, yeast, and sprouted wheat flour.

5. Sprouted Wheat Banana Bread

The next recipe on our list teaches you how to make sweet banana bread. If you have leftover bananas and some sprouted grains, making this hearty bread is a no-brainer.

Banana bread is a popular type of bread, most loved for its smooth texture, sweet flavor, and simple recipe. Whilst normal banana bread tastes great, making a loaf using sprouted grains takes things to the next level.

The grains give the loaf a subtle nutty flavor. This goes beautifully with the sweet bananas. You should definitely serve this bread with a fresh cup of coffee.

To make banana bread, you will need sprouted wheat flour, coconut sugar, baking powder, salt, butter, coconut oil, eggs, and ripe bananas. After that, it’s a case of mixing the ingredients together and baking the mixture in the oven.

6. Sprouted Grain Sourdough Bread

Those of you that enjoy a good sourdough loaf of bread will adore this next recipe. Fresh from Baked, this recipe is quick, easy, and full of flavor. 

Before we say anything else about this loaf, we’d just like to say how good it looks. If you want to make a stunning loaf to serve at a dinner party, this is definitely the loaf you have to make. 

In terms of texture, the bread is crusty on the outside and soft and fluffy on the inside. As far as flavor is concerned, things only get better. This loaf has a wonderfully complex flavor that gets the taste buds tingling.

You only need 6 different ingredients to make this bread so give it a try. Key ingredients include sprouted wheat berries, salt, all-purpose flour, levain, and water.

7. Simple Sprouted Grain Bread

If you came here looking for a quick and easy bread recipe that doesn’t contain too many ingredients, look no further than this simple sprouted bread recipe from Wholehearted Eats. This recipe only requires 4 ingredients. 

The ingredients you need are sprouted wheat berries, sea salt, raisins, and cinnamon. Thanks to the comforting flavor profile of the bread, we actually also love this bread for how festive it is.

The combination of nutty, sweet, and spicy flavors is super festive and perfect for a cold winter’s night.

When it comes to actually making the bread, this recipe has made things incredibly easy. There are only 3 simple steps to follow.

8. Fresh Herb Sprouted Focaccia

This next recipe is one of our favorites. It has an amazing texture, impressive flavor, and goes perfectly with any Italian dish. As a result, it is the perfect sprouted grain bread to make if you’re hosting an Italian-themed dinner.

Best when served as an appetizer, this focaccia bread is beautifully seasoned using sage, thyme, and rosemary. These three herbs give the bread immense flavor.

Drizzling salt on top of the bread also offers strong flavors and a crispier exterior. What isn’t there to love about this bread?

9. Sprouted Grain Seeded Loaf

The penultimate sprouted grain bread recipe on our list is an easy-seeded loaf recipe that looks delicious and tastes even better.

Incredibly simple to make, this bread recipe only calls for 9 ingredients. Amongst these ingredients, you’ll find the inclusion of flax seeds and maple syrup. These two ingredients are key as they give the bread more flavor and texture.

The flax seeds provide a much-needed crunch, whilst the maple syrup offers a thick, sweet flavor. For extra savory flavor and a crunchy texture oats and sunflower seeds are added too.

10. Sprouted Grain Bagels

Did you know that you can make fresh bagels using sprouted grains? If not, you do now. This final bread recipe shows you how to easily make a batch of seeded bagels by using just 5 ingredients. 

The end product is a smooth, crisp, soft, and flavorful batch of bagels that can be toasted or eaten as they are. We like to serve these bagels with cream cheese and avocado. We’ve even made sandwiches with them before now.

The 5 ingredients you need to make these bagels are sprouted wheat flour, Greek yogurt, baking powder, mineral salt, and oat fiber.

Final Thoughts

That concludes our list of delicious sprouted grain bread recipes you will love. We hope we’ve given you the inspiration to try a variety of different types of bread using sprouted grains.

On our list, we made sure to include as wide a range of bread as possible. We’ve looked at simple sandwich loaves, sourdough bread, gluten-free and dairy-free recipes, bagel recipes, pretzels, and more.

All you have to do now is decide which type of sprouted grain bread you want to make first.