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Air fryer crispy oat-crusted chicken breasts

If you’re looking for a healthier, whole grain option to your standard chicken breast cutlet, then look no further. This is a staple recipe in our house because it can be used to make chicken sandwiches, chicken salads, or as the main course!

Fluffy buckwheat pancakes

An easy whole grain breakfast option, Buckwheat pancakes are an American favorite for a reason. They are light, fluffy, and are easily enjoyed by the entire family!

Millet pilaf with lemon and saffron

If you’re looking to an alternative to traditional rice, consider Millet. Combine the subtle sweetness of Millet with the bold flavors of saffron and lemon for a side dish that pairs well with any grilled meat or seafood.

Einkorn whole wheat banana bread

I first made the switch to homemade banana bread after using the grocery store box for years, but making the shift to 100% whole grain brings this moist, sweet bread to a different level.

Rye cream biscuits (only 4-ingredients!)

Weekend mornings are for big family meals, but your time should be spent enjoying your food, not just making it! It’s why we love these simple biscuits. They take only 30-minutes from start to finish and only use four ingredients.

Rye and wheat (almost) sourdough

Get the deep flavor of Rye in a less-dense sourdough, courtesy of wheat, and it much less time thanks to active dry yeast. It’s tangy, bright, with a clean flavor that will make even picky eaters happy.