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5 Delicious African grains

5 Delicious African Grains

Grains are a brilliant food source to add to your diet when you are trying to eat healthily or on a budget.  There are so many different types of grains that can be added to your meals, yet we seem to stick to the same few.  You are most likely to use rice, quinoa, or […]

8 High-protein grains

High Protein Grains

Whole unrefined grains like oats, wheat, barley, rye, and corn provide more protein per gram than refined grains like white flour, bread, and crackers. A serving size of one cup of cooked whole grain contains anywhere from 6-20% of your daily protein needs. This makes it easy to fit a healthy amount of protein into […]

9 Teff grain recipes

9 Teff Grain

Teff is one of the oldest cultivated crops known to man. It is native to Ethiopia and Eritrea, where it grows wild along rivers and streams. Its name derives from the Amharic word “tèf”, meaning “to sprout”. Teff is often referred to as a grain because of its small size and round shape, but it […]

What Is Teff?

What Is Teff

When you see the product ‘teff’ you may be surprised to find out it is actually seeds and not grains. Technically teff is known as a ‘pseudocereal’, which means that it can be treated as a grain.  The teff seeds (just commonly called teff) come from the annual grass Eragrostis tef. It is a species […]