What is Shio Koji?

Shio koji is a natural seasoning that is used to marinate, tenderize and enhance the umami in foods.  Shio-Koji is made with a mixture of rice koji, salt and water.

What is Rice Koji?

Rice koji is made with a mixture of rice with strains of Aspergillus Oryzae, a beneficial mold, koji-kin or koji starter. The koji starter is made by cooking the rice, adding the koji starter, and incubating the koji culture about 36-48 hour . Rice koji contains enzymes that break down the starches and proteins in food into sugars and amino acids.

Foods in the Japanese pantry made with Rice Koji:

  • Miso
  • Soy sauce
  • Rice vinegar
  • Sake
  • Amazake
  • Shochu
  • Mirin
  • Shio-koji

Benefits of Shio-Koji:

  • A natural pro-biotic seasoning.
  • Tenderizes food.
  • Reduces the intake of salt
  • Brings out the umami and sweetness in foods
  • Aids in digestion.
  • Clears the skin.
  • Anti-aging.
  • Contains minerals, fiber and vitamins

Shio-Koji Recipe

Making shio-koji involves simply mixing the Rice Koji together with salt and water at room temperature.  This process puts the Rice Koji through a second fermentation.  Shio-koji keeps in the refrigerator for about 6 months.

560 grams Rice Koji, room temperature

150 grams grams sea salt

800 ml warm water (140F)

If the koji granules are whole, grind them with a mortal and pestle or food processor until they are about half in size.

Turn the Rice Koji into a bowl.  Add sea salt and mix well.

Combine the warm water and rub the granules with your hands.   Transfer to a container with a lid but do not close completely.  Leave the shio -koji out on the counter and mix it once a day for 1 week to 10 days to let it ferment in room temperature. The shio-koji will become thicker and begin to smell sweet from the fermentation.


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