6 Surprising Ways Whiskey Is Actually Good For Your Health

By: Jackie Martin    Last Updated: January 20, 2023       


Surprising Ways Whiskey Is Actually Good For Your Health

Looking to become a whiskey connoisseur but not sure if it is worth the hype? As you get older, the taste of whiskey isn’t the only thing that can draw you in. Whiskey actually has incredible health benefits!

Below are six prospective health benefits of drinking whiskey. Whether you enjoy a double after a hard day or only bring your most special bottle out on special occasions, you could  seriously improve your health. 

Now, this may not be the case for everyone as everyone is different, however, the potential benefits definitely make it worth every sip. 

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1. Decrease The Possibility Of Heart Disease

Whiskey’s antioxidant content may serve as a protective barrier against coronary heart disease. Whiskey can support a healthy circulatory system, which is crucial to a healthy heart, at small to moderate doses.

Discovered by a study completed at Harvard University, regular consumption (2-3 times a week) of whiskey can aid the prevention of heart failure and other heart issues.

Whiskey aids in boosting good cholesterol allowing the heart to function properly. 

According to one study, the body’s levels of “bad” LDL cholesterol are reduced and “good” HDL cholesterol levels are increased by foods high in plant-based antioxidants (polyphenols).

Additionally, they lower blood triglycerides, a type of fat. Even in comparison to wine, a bottle of single malt has the highest percentage of the aforementioned polyphenols of any product on the market.

Of course, a healthy balanced diet is required for this to even be considered. You must take care of the heart in every way possible which means living an active lifestyle and consuming whole foods.

Moderation is key. Having a double every night of the week will not provide you with the results you desire and could lead to serious consequences such as addiction.

Surprising Ways Whiskey Is Actually Good For Your Health

2. Boost The Immune System

Do you find yourself sick more often than your co-workers? Do you always catch that pesky cold that’s going around the office? Whiskey may be the immune booster you are looking for to stop you getting sick so often. 

Whiskey boosts immunity by widening blood vessels, which is beneficial for enhanced mucus membrane motility.

The body can be cleansed of infection and congestion thanks to the expansion and mobility, and antioxidants can help with the healing process.

While home remedies such as soup and herbal teas slowly fight off infection, whiskey targets the blood vessels directly. Allowing you to get back on your feet and get back to living your life to the fullest.

When using whiskey to treat the common cold, it is often known as a ‘Hot Toddy’. In a bowl that is safe for the microwave, combine the whiskey, water, and lemon juice.

Heat in the microwave for one minute, or until very hot. Add the ginger, if using, and stir in the honey.

This may not be the best tasting drink you will ever have, it will certainly fight off that cold and have you feeling your best self in no time!

3. Helps Digestion

Whiskey has a long history of being consumed as a digestif throughout many civilizations. An after-dinner shot of Maker’s may be precisely what you need to appropriately cap off a hearty meal if you’ve eaten one.

This is the perfect trick after indulging in your Christmas or any holiday meal. As we all struggle to move from the dining table to the sofa, a shot of whiskey can help get those digestive enzymes to work and get things moving. Then you may find room for dessert. 

Using whiskey to aid in digestion is great for those who struggle with bloating or constipation as the digestive system gets to work allowing the food to pass through the intestines and into the bowels. 

Due to its higher alcohol concentration, whiskey increases the formation of pepsin in the stomach, which is the main digestive enzyme responsible for breaking down proteins into polypeptides.

Chemical transmitters produced by these cells play a number of roles in GI motility, secretion, absorption, growth, development, and control of food intake.

Having a shot of a whiskey after a once in a blue moon indulging meal to help with digestion is only going to help. 

However, if bloating and other systems of a repressed digestive system continue, seek professional medical advice.

4. Decrease Dementia Risk

More often than not, dementia is not hereditary. Therefore, you can never really know who is at risk of developing the disease.

By aiding with memory recall and reducing the buildup of plaque in the brain, whiskey has the potential to lower the incidence of dementia. Types of dementia, like Alzheimer’s, are linked to plaque accumulation in the brain.

According to one study, those who drink one to six drinks a week have a decreased risk of developing dementia than those who don’t.

Another found that those with Alzheimer’s disease who drink moderate amounts of alcohol may experience less cognitive deterioration.

While this is not a definitive way to prevent the development of dementia, it has been proven to significantly lower the risk. Especially for those who do not have mentally stimulating occupations. 

The same effects can be found in those who consume champagne on a regular basis. However, whiskey is less likely to cause heartburn and is known for not causing bloating. 

If you have already been diagnosed with dementia, consuming alcohol may not be the wisest choice. Those diagnosed with dementia often become more confused after drinking alcohol.

Alcohol should be limited or avoided altogether, especially for those who have developed dementia due to previous alcohol use.

Surprising Ways Whiskey Is Actually Good For Your Health

5. Weight Loss

Are you trying to lose some weight but find yourself struggling at the weekend? Nights out, events, or simply enjoying a glass of wine on the sofa are some of life’s greatest pleasures. However, most alcohols are packed with sugar and calories. 

The salt and fat content of whiskey are very low. Additionally, the sugar is rapidly absorbed, which is why drinking modest amounts of whiskey aids in weight loss by boosting energy and reducing the need for sugar.

It may not be your favorite drink to sip on a Saturday night but it will help massively when it comes to keeping you in a calorie deficit. With the majority of whiskey containing less than 100 calories per shot, you can get a faster buzz and keep the pounds off. 

Whiskey also contains ellagic acid. And acid which can aid is reducing inflammation throughout the body and lower the risk of type 2 diabetes. 

Having a shot or two of whiskey on the rocks or neat on a Saturday night is a great way to enjoy alcohol while on a weight loss journey. You can even mix with diet mixers such as diet lemonade or diet coke. 

Mixing whiskey with regular sodas such as Coca-Cola or Sprite is where you may find yourself drinking more empty calories than necessary.

6. Relaxation

Much like most types of alcoholic beverages, whiskey is great for relaxation after a hard day or week. Especially in extremely stressful situations. 

While it is not recommended to consume alcohol of any kind every single day, a shot or two of whiskey after a tough day can relax both the mind and body. Give your mind a much-needed break by sipping on a shot of whiskey. 

Alcohol is well known for reducing anxiety. For those with high levels of stress or anxiety, this is quite advantageous.

Alcohol should not be the main method of stress relief, though. If alcohol is misused as a coping mechanism, it can exacerbate anxiety.

If you feel you are turning to whiskey for anxiety relief more often than not, seek professional help.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Whiskey The Healthiest Alcohol?

Whiskey is the healthiest alcohol you can consume and has an active beneficial effect on the body. It has almost no sugar or carbs and no fat.

It scarcely affects blood sugar levels, making it a healthier option for diabetics than other types of alcohol. 

Can Whiskey Be Consumed Every Day?

The secret to enjoying whiskey’s many health advantages is to drink it moderately. A daily shot of whiskey can reduce a person’s risk of ischemic (clot-caused) stroke due to its blood-thinning characteristics.

Can Whiskey Cleanse The Body?

Whiskey is full of antioxidants, which help it prevent illness and bacteria. First off, it contains a lot of ellagic acid, which aids in the body’s ability to fight off sickness and eliminate rogue cells.

The same is true of wine, but whiskey has a considerably higher concentration of these disease-fighting friends.

Final Thoughts

There you have it! 6 incredible health benefits of drinking whiskey. Whether you are fighting off a common cold or are wanting to reduce the risk of heart disease, a shot of whiskey can be the helping hand you need. 

Whiskey has many properties which can aid in a range of different areas of both our physical and mental health. Discover what whiskey can do for you!

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