Soba Noodles | San Francisco Cooking School | Feb 16 | SF

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Location: Japanese Pantry – Details coming soon
Description: Japanese Pantry and Soba Workshop
Date: 2013-02-16

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10am – 3pm

Freshly made soba noodles are delicious and simple to make. With Sonoko Sakai, a Japanese home cooking instructor and founder of Common Grains, we’ll review the Japanese pantry, and how to make and serve Soba, the traditional hand-rolled and cut buckwheat noodles. We’ll make traditional Nihachi style soba, using a blend of fresh, native stone ground organic buckwheat flour and wheat flour from a new crop of heirloom grains. The class will prepare the soba two ways, cold with soy-bonito dashi dipping sauces and served hot in a broth. Students will take home soba and dipping sauces/broths.

Menu: Namasu, a daikon salad with dried persimmons, konbu and seaweed, and A Grilled Miso Patty with herbs. Cold Soba (zaru soba) with grated daikon radish and sliced Negi in a cold sauce. Hot soba served with duck, ginger and Japanese herbs. A seasonal fruit dessert made with Agar Agar.


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Main Campus
690 Van Ness Avenue
San Francisco, CA 94102
(415) 346-2665


Cancellation Policy: Full refund is available up to two weeks prior to a class start date. If you need to cancel less than two weeks prior to a start date, you may request a credit to be used at SFCS for another class within one year. No refunds or credits will be issued less than 5 days until the class start-date.

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