Japanese Summer Kitchen Workshop | Gormandaise School | Aug 28 | Santa Monica

Title: Japanese Summer Kitchen Workshop | Gormandaise School | Aug 28 | Santa Monica Location: 395 Santa Monica Place, Santa Monica CA 90401 Description: Bringing the Japanese Pantry Home logo_large Dashi and- Koji based seasonings form the foundation of light and healhty Japanese dishes: miso soup, sushi rice, braised vegetable dishes, salads, stews. Once you have a handle on dashi and koji, you will be able to incorporate these seasonings into your everyday cooking. Students will prepare salt-koji – a fermented probiotic seasoning that can be used in the place of salt. Salt koji like miso deepens the umami, tenderizes foods and has many health benefits – salt koji cuts back on salt intake and helps in digestion.We will also discuss Japanese ingredients shopping tips and storage. Fee: $95 (includes Koji making kit).

Tasting Menu includes: Ice Chilled somen noodles with pickle plum, sesame and herbs served with a sesame soy bonito dipping sauce. Miso soup with Meiji tofu, tomato, and Chives Chirashi Sushi – Japanese sushi with shrimp, green beans, young ginger, shiso, carrots, burdock, gourd and Nori seaweed Koji marinated Chicken Spinach with sesame dressing Koji marinated baby turnips, dried apricots and ginger Agar fruit Jelly Shio-Koji (Salt Koji) – Fermented koji salt making (to start in class and finish the fermentation at home). Shio koji keeps for 6 months in the frid.


Basic Dashi making basics, using bonito flakes, sardines, konbu and shitake mushrooms. Miso soup with summer greens and heirloom tomato Gomoku gohan – Chicken, Hijiki seaweed, and ginger Spinach Ohitashi salad with dashi dressing Koji cucumber pickles Japanese dessert.



Thank you for registering! Our classes are held in commercial kitchens, so please arrive on time in comfortable attire and close-toed shoes. No cell phones in class, please.

Ages 16 and up. Gormandaise School 310-656-8800

Start Time: 10:00 Date: 2014-08-24 End Time: 13:00