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In February of 2012, Common Grains held a Common Grains Exhibition online and at Soba-Ya Restaurant.  The exhibition consisted of a variety of unique and rare Japanese foods and tableware including teas, seaweeds, brown rice pastas, bean cakes, rice cookies, bonito flakes, chopsticks, crackers and disposable soy sauce containers in fun shapes.  The exhibition was held at Soba-Ya Restaurant in Torrance, California.  MAP

- Below is a list of the foods & items that were on display, including information for where they can be found. -


Hakkaisan Sake

Company Name:  Hakkaisan Brewery Co., Ltd.
Manager in charge: Nakamata      export@akafuji.co.jp     Home page: http://www.hakkaisan.com/
TEL: 025-775-3866
Headquarters:  Nigata
Display item: Alcohol (sake)

The manufacturing process of Japanese sake is the most complicated and detailed out of all of the alcohol in the world.  It is our group of skilled craftsmen that manage the process further, to ensure our  sake to be delicious. Hakkaisan Brewery is located in Uonuma City, Niigata Prefecture, Japan. This is one of the premier and most famous sake brewing regions in all of Japan.

Rice Island- Pearl Millet

Company Name: Rice Island Co., Ltd.        Home page: http://www.riceisland.co.jp/
Contact person: Mr. Tomoyuki Morito       t.morito@riceisland.co.jp
TEL: 03-5220-7788
Headquartes: Gifu
On-site participation dates: February 8 through February 13
Products served: Assorted grains
Display item: Assorted grains

Rice Island is a manufacturer and seller of assorted grains. From standard items, such as assorted grains mixed into rice,
we also have other assorted  grains that can be used in salad and desserts. The Japanese culture have always enjoyed
assorted grains, whether for health reasons, or simply for the delicious taste. With over 10 kinds of assorted
grains, our mixed grain series, is especially very popular.

Yagicho- Rice Cracker

Company name: Yagicho-Honten Co., Ltd
Company contact person: Nishiyama
TEL: 03-3241-1211
Headquartes: Tokyo
On-site participation dates:  February 8 through February 15
Products served: Grocery
Displayed item: Hana Katsuo
Contact: mamiko.n@yahicho-honten.jp   Home page: http://www.yagicho-honten.jp/index.html

Featuring ingredients such as dried-bonito, shitake mushrooms, kobu and anchovy, that are essential in Japanese cuisine, Yagicho-Honten manufactures and sells selected goods of top dry ingredients, including freeze-dried tofu, dried noodles, beans and furikake.  All of the products are friendly to the human body, and is ideal for those that enjoy a healthy life style in the United States of America.

Ohmoriya’s Nori Seaweed

Company Name: Ohmoriya Co, Ltd.
Contact person: Suda  TEL: 06- 6464-1198
Headquarters: Osaka
Products served: Nori, Furikake
Displayed items: Nori, Furikake
Contact e-mail: suda@ohmoriya.com  Homepage: http://www.ohmoriya.com

Ohmoriya is one of Japan’s prominent manufacturer/seller of nori (seaweed) products. Ohmoriya’s “Pariuma”, a product from Ariake Sea, melts smoothly in your mouth, and is rich in flavor. First picking of materials with the strongest of flavors, were used. Pariuma has a great bite and melts nicely in your mouth. Available in all sizes, Pariuma is versatile, and can be used for sushi rolls, or may be cut for hand rolls and onigiri.


“Dashi” Pot

Company Name: Celec Co., Ltd            Home page:  http://celec.jp/
Manager in charge:  Nukaga                  info@celec.jp
TEL: 0572-29-2711
Headquarters:  Gifu
Products served: Planner/Manufacturer/Seller of chinaware, heat-resistant glassware, aroma shaded
Celec services heat resistant glassware, chinaware and tea utensils. Celec’s “dashi pot” is ideal not only for tea, but also for making dashi (soup stock), With its multi-purpose function, the “dashi pot” can be used for all types of occasions.


“BamBoon” is functional beauty chopsticks, shaved natural bamboo by Japanese sensitivity. Some joints-grip of bamboo-motif fit every hands only 1 size and the pinched-tip catch every foods. So, useful for Sushi or Tofu without breaking, for Beans without slipping off by flared self-aligning tip. A pair of the joints lead hand to correct grip & use of “Hashi” only gripping the 1 joint by 3 of finger.
・Natural <Japanese bamboo, Kumamoto Kyushu> : 2000 yen
・Green lacquered <Urushi on the natural one> : 3000 yen



Soy UkyoE – Soy Art

“Soy UkiyoE” is 3D Soy-Anime Dish, shaped high-grade porcelain made in SETO Japan. Fun to taste soy sauce art, transforming sauce into pictures while pouring, & dipping your sauce. After the tsunami disaster of March 11, 2010, we wish to restore the integrity of Japanese fish through art, and have added an underglazed “Remember Tsunami”.  We hope these dishes can transmit the message to the future generations 1000 years, educating about disaster prevention.
・Earth Series <oval dish> BONSAI, FUJI, or HANA : each 1500 yen
・Fish Series <square dish> BREAM, TUNA, or CRAB : each 1700 yen



Rice Cookies

Company Name:  Morozoff, Co., Ltd.
Manager in-charge:  Kobayashi
TEL: 078-822-9005          tadashi_kadowaki@morozoff.co.jp    Home page: http://www.morozoff.co.jp/
Headquarters: Hyogo
On-site participation dates: February 15 through February 20
Products served: Western style confectionery
Display item:  Cookies
Now in its 80th anniversary, Morozoff is a leading confectionery manufacturer in Japan. Focusing on Japan’s popularity with rice flour, Morzoff has developed cookie products, using rice flour as a raw material. Inside its sweetness, you will notice a familiar, gentle taste. Also available are, cookies that contain assorted whole grains.


Company Name: Matsubara An Co., Ltd.      Home page:   http://www.macan.co.jp/index.html
Manager in charge: Matsubara                        m08037992278@i.softbank.jp
TEL: 078-221-2707
Headquarters: Hyogo
On-site participation dates: February 15 through February 20
Products served: Bean paste products
Matsubara An is a manufacturer and seller of bean paste, made with such ingredients as potato, fruits and tea. The products being introduced, “monaka” and “oshiruko,” are standard ways of eating bean paste. Monaka is a popular Japanese sweet, made of bean-paste filling sandwiched between two thin crisp wafers. “Oshiruko” is a sweet porridge of beans boiled and crushed, served in a bowl with mochi.
People in the United States will surely enjoy the refined taste of these fine products.

Chocolate Covered Soybeans

Company Name: Kanezen Co., Ltd
Manager in-charge: Matsuzaki         matsuzaki@kanezen.com     Home page: http://www.kanezen.com/
TEL: 06-6975-4141
Headquarters: Osaka
On-site participation dates: February 15 through February 20
Products served: beans, bean snacks
Display item: Chocolate beans
Kanezen is a processed manufacturer of food materials related to beans. As a beans specialist, we are introducing our “black bean chocolate”, tamba black soybean covered in chocolate. This unique fusion of chocolate and bean is quite addicting.  Sharply aromatic, the sweetness lingers after each bite.


Company Name: Yunotani Corporation
Manager in-charge: Yoshida
TEL: 0257-93-1111
Headquarters: Nigata
On-site participation dates: February 8 through February 13
Products served:  Processed food items of edible wild plants, mocha, tofu, abura age, Japanese pastries and onigi
Display items: Ohagi, Yomogi Ohagi
Contact e-mail: ytsk-m.y@lily.ocn.ne.jp      Home page: https://www.yuno.co.jp

Yunotani Corporation is a mochi manufacturer, based in Nigata Prefecture, one of the leading rice-producing regions in Japan. As an authentity-oriented company, Yunotani’s business
expansion include department stores and shops specializing in high-end products in Japan. In particular, ohagi (sweet bean paste wrapped in mochi), a traditional Japanese pastry, is a popular item.
Made from the finest ingredients, with details in the manufacturing process, Yunotani ’s ohagi is refined and gentle to the taste. Yunotani’s ohagi freezes well. Defrost at room-temperature, and enjoy the taste of a
freshly-made ohagi.


Company Name: Act Food System
Contact: Okamoto  (Representative Director)
TEL: 082-299-6560
CELL: 080-4543-8360
On-site participation: February 8 through February 21
Products served: Producer of Taiyaki and food services
Display product: Taiyaki maker
Company names:   SHINMEI CO., LTD    export@akafuji.co.jp
Act Food System home page:  http://www.act-cs.co.jp

For many years, restaurant/food wholesaler Act One has been a leader of confectionary products in Japan.  Despite of the many sweet items available on the market, Taiyaki has remained an extremely popular “take-out” dessert dish.  Act One’s Taiyaki has a baked crispy exterior, with plenty of anko (sweet bean-paste) inside. Taiyaki is sure to be a flavor that Americans will enjoy.

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